Select severity

Select severity (Severity) when create support request

AWS recommends that users choose the severity that is appropriate for the impact of the situation you are in. Here is a table that defines the severity of the problem:

Severity First response time Description and support package apply
General Guidance (General Guidance) 24 hours You have a development-related question or request for a new feature (Developer*, Business and Enterprise Support Packs)
Affected System (System impaired) 12 hours Unnecessary functionality of your app is crashing or you have pressing development-related questions (Developer*, Business and Enterprise Support Packs)
Affected Production system (Production system impaired) 4 hours Critical app functionality damaged or degraded (Business and Enterprise Support Plans)
Production system down (Production system down) 1 hour Your business is severely impacted. The app’s critical functionality is inaccessible. (Business and Enterprise support packages)
Business-critical system down* 15 minutes Your business is in jeopardy. Urgent application functions inaccessible (Enterprise Support Plan)

For Developer Support Package, response time is calculated in business hours. Office hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the customer’s home country, excluding public holidays and weekends. Details can be found in the Contact Information section of the [My Account] page at the AWS Management Console.