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Selecting Severity (Severity) When Creating a Support Request

When creating a support request, it’s important to choose the appropriate severity based on the impact of your situation. AWS provides guidance on different severity levels and their corresponding response times, along with the types of issues they encompass:

Severity First Response Time Description and Applicable Support Packages
General Guidance (General Guidance) 24 hours If you have a development-related question or need assistance with a new feature (Developer*, Business, and Enterprise Support Packs)
Affected System (System Impaired) 12 hours When your app’s non-essential functionality is crashing, or you have urgent development-related inquiries (Developer*, Business, and Enterprise Support Packs)
Affected Production System (Production System Impaired) 4 hours In case of critical damage or degradation to your app’s functionality (Business and Enterprise Support Plans)
Production System Down (Production System Down) 1 hour If your business is severely affected and the app’s critical functionality is inaccessible (Business and Enterprise Support Packages)
Business-Critical System Down* 15 minutes When your business is at risk and urgent application functions are inaccessible (Enterprise Support Plan)

Tip: For the Developer Support Package, response time is calculated during business hours, which are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the customer’s local time zone, excluding weekends and public holidays. More information can be found in the Contact Information section on the [My Account] page within the AWS Management Console.