Types of Support Requests

Types of Support Requests

In the AWS Management Console, you have the ability to initiate three different types of support requests with AWS Support:

  1. Account and Billing Support: This type of support is available to all AWS users. It allows you to seek assistance regarding account-related and billing-related inquiries.

  2. Service Limit Increase (Service limit increase): AWS provides support for requests to increase service limits, which is applicable to all users. For detailed information about default limits, refer to the AWS services limits documentation.

  3. Technical Support (Technical support): This category involves seeking assistance from Technical Support for issues specifically related to third-party services or applications. Depending on your subscription package:

    • If you are using the Developer package, you can communicate your concerns either via email or through the Support Center website.
    • If you have a Business or Enterprise plan, you have the option to communicate either over the phone or by sending messages online.

::: warning Users with the Basic support package will not have the ability to create technical support requests. :::