Change support package

Change Support Package

Follow these steps to change your AWS Support package:

1. Access the AWS Console Interface

  • Go to the AWS Console by navigating to the appropriate URL.
  • Find and select AWS Support.

AWS Support

2. Choose Change for Support Plan

  • In the AWS Support section, locate the option to change your support plan.
  • Click on the Change option.

AWS Support

3. Switch to Developer Package

  • From the available support plans, select the Developer package.
  • This will be a switch from the current Basic package to the Developer package.

AWS Support

4. Accept and Agree

  • Review the details of the new support plan.
  • Once satisfied, select the Accept and agree option to confirm the change.

AWS Support

5. Wait for Activation

  • After confirming, please allow up to 15 minutes for the support package change to take effect.

AWS Support

Note: If you are subscribed to an Enterprise support plan, you should use the link provided on the Change support plan page to directly contact AWS Support for assistance.