AWS Support Packages


AWS Support is divided into 4 support packages with different goals and benefits to suit each user’s needs and purposes.


Support packages are arranged in order from lowest to highest as follows: Basic - Developer - Business - Enterprise. The higher plans will include the services of the lower plan.

1.1 Basic Package

The Basic plan provides basic support for account and billing issues along with requests to increase the account limit.

All AWS customers are provided with 24/7 access to the following features of the Basic support plan:

  • One to one live chat rooms for account and billing questions.
  • Support forum.
  • Check Service.
  • Documentation, technical documentation and best practice guidelines.

1.2 Developer Pack

For the Developer package, the supported features will be further extended with:

  • Guidelines for implementing best practices.
  • Support for building block architecture: Shows how to use and combine AWS products, features, and services.
  • Unlimited support for support requests created by root account (root user).

1.3 Business Package

When you upgrade to Business support, you’ll get the following additional support:

  • Use-case specific guidance - Provide advice on choosing the AWS products, features, and services that best support your needs.
  • AWS Trusted Advisor - An AWS Support function that can automatically survey a customer’s usage environment and identify opportunities that can save costs, reduce security risks, and increase system reliability and performance.
  • Support using AWS Support API to interact with Support Center and Trusted Advisor. You can use this API to automate the management of support requests and operate AWS Trusted Advisor.
  • Support for third-party software - Operating system support and configuration of EC2 virtual machines. Also supports the performance of popular applications on the AWS platform.
  • Support is not limited to support requests generated by all IAM Users.

1.4 Enterprise Package

In addition, customers using the Enterprise plan will have additional privileges on the following features:

  • Software Architecture Guide - Provides advice on scenarios and how to coordinate AWS services to solve a given application or workload problem.
  • Infrastructure Event Management - AWS Support team will perform in-depth analytics to help you better understand your use-case. After analysis, AWS Support will provide guidance on how to scale and appropriately scale a particular event.
  • Technical Account Manager - Get ongoing support from the Technical Account Manager (TAM) to resolve issues related to your scenarios and applications.
  • Support requests are prioritized and taken care of
  • Support Enterprise Management review.